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Where there is no overspray, there is no need to mask the body. In just 120 seconds, a body roof is painted with the contrasting color. By way of comparison, when masking, the fixing and removal of the masking tape alone takes about 50 minutes. 120 seconds to apply a contrasting color 25 % less energy required 15 m² masking film saved.

Aug 09, 2009 · EcoPCO Jet provides instant knockdown and kill of stinging insects. The Jet Spray reaches nests up to 15 feet above ground and kills Bees, Hornets, Wasps & Yellowjackets. Eco is a natural and organic pest control product made by the EcoSmart company. It is equivalent to pesticide sprays that contain chemicals. 14 oz.. The new → EcoPaintJet painting system has an applicator that moves in tracks over the target surface and applies the paint with utmost precision. An intricately machined nozzle plate, just a few square centimeters in size, applies the paint from a distance of 30 millimeters in parallel jets onto the surface – but without the formation of overspray..

Jet-Pro. Neenah JET-PRO SS Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper is easy-to-use, images well, is easy to peel, won't bleed and images remain sharp and crisp. For white and light colored fabrics. This.

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Eco paint and its non-toxic nature provide it a natural environment-friendly appeal. The chemical-based paints contain some harmful components including toluene, benzene, and naphthalene that may cause damage to the environment and one’s health. It produces less waste and does not increase the carbon footprint’s size at the same time..

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Gallery: BMW M4 with EcoPaintJet Pro 8 Photos As the name implies EcoPaintJet Pro uses what BMW calls an orifice plate to apply jets of color, and this allows for highly defined edges. There's also.

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